Alpha Monkey

Weston-super-Mare, Somerset

Develop Your Inner Alpha

Utilising techniques developed by the world’s most elite military units, Alpha Monkey will take your fitness and mental strength to a level you never thought possible through outdoor physical training.

 Alpha Monkey has been created by individuals with decades of experience in the world’s most challenging environments. We have taught Commandos in the art of Mountain Warfare and billionaires to become Commandos. Now you have the opportunity to be trained by the same individuals. You do not get this level of experience at your local gym.

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One -to-One Outdoor Personal Training

Group Speed Marching

The Resilience Group – Outdoor Group Training

Rural & Urban Physical Sessions

Special Events

Price start as little as

£34 per session Inc nutrition & group sessions

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£340 for 10 sessions + 10 GROUP SESSIONS + DIET SUPPORT

Faster. stronger. Alpha

Our aim is do utilise the complicated nature of the outdoors to create a resilient and determined individual

Featured Training

We focus on the benefits brought by high intensity cardiovascular and bodyweight exercise. This creates a functional level of fitness unrivalled by isometric weight training.

We do however see the benefit of weighted training and use it as a tool to increase our functionality










All done in interesting and exciting locations. 



Mental Resilience 

Using the training programs and guidance from Alpha Monkey will certainly have a positive affect on your mental wellbeing. 

We practice aggression based training. Training that requires grit and determination.  We also monitor and reward your success. It is hard to exaggerate the benefits of winning small battles that you control. We use these as stepping stones to align your focus and mental well being.



At Alpha Monkey we are not puritons when it comes to diet. We take the approach of  changing peoples lives through structered incremental change.

Food is something that should be enjoyed and rewarding. Allow us to guide you through a healthier but more enjoyable way of eating.

Our lead instructor eats what he wants and stays in good shape all year round. Remember we are not building underwear models here. We are creating strong, tough, resilient geezers.



“Great tailored workouts that are fun and engaging. Ben has a lot of experience to share and can work with anyone. Can thoroughly recommend.”

James Mainwaring

“Amazing is the word to describe how Ben helped me reach my goal.
I met Ben on a Close Protection task where it was our job to protect a middle eastern royal family member.
On arriving at this Job I was what can only be described as a sweaty jelly baby and I was embarrassed to be seen especially in my role.
We were lucky enough to train 1 to 1 and in groups every day for 6 month. Training was hard core but I just had to crack on. Ben guided me and didn’t put any pressure on me that i didn’t ask for. Obviously you want some as we all have that little voice that says you can have and a day off or one slice of cheese cake will be fine.
As a coach Ben is second to non and really works with you to get where you want to be. Ben doesn’t make it about himself and you know with Ben you will get what you pay for and more.
To add, we were in a calorie deficit and was trying Keyto which really made me feel good. But to top it off with this training and Keyto managed to help another Colleague of ours get out of being diabetic.
For my self I lost 2.5 stone in 4 months but remained 96kg which means i built muscle as well.
If you cant find that motivation find the drive to do something, motivation comes later. Go see Ben, try it out and you wont regret it.”
Carlos K Land

“Felt amazing after a good workout…ben definitely knows his stuff and can help with many factors within your life not just fitness..what a top bloke….would recomend this to anyone that needs to put some fire back into their lives.”

Clint Lee Edwards

“I asked Ben to toughen me up! He helped get me in some of the best shape of my life. His unique combination of experience, humour and motivational charisma will affect change in you. He will take you from where you are carefully, and help you get to a new level. Training with Ben is both a challenge, yet fun. You can laugh and cry in equal measure. you will know are alive. And defintely feel younger. Once you’ve recovered!”

Nigel Banks

A good solid work out with a sound group👍🏽
Nyran Grey

Taking fitness to the next level.
Daniel Radford