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Why Alpha Monkey

Alpha Monkey was founded on the belief that Personal Training should deliver more than generic fitness goals. It should be used as a foundation to develop a more resilient, assertive individual. Physical exercise is used to condition and test the mental resilience of our elite forces. In the same way Alpha Monkey has restructured these strategies to be appropriate for a civilian audience.

At Alpha Monkey, we go beyond the norm, to help our clients develop routines, where exercise and wellbeing become embedded within them, without a trainer or instructor present.

The founder and program developer for Alpha Monkey joined the Royal Marines In 2010 at the age of 19. He subsequently went on to complete the three hardest military courses in the world.

It was during this time, he developed strategies and tactics to train individuals and groups, in Mountain Warfare. He has guided groups of Commandos in austere conditions over treacherous terrain, carrying in excess of 100lbs. He is now taking that experience and guiding members of the public to physical and mental prowess in the same way he guided those elite troops.

Upon leaving the military he travelled across the globe training military forces in the private sector, Royalty and ultra-high net worth individuals.

You have the opportunity to receive the same level of training that has cost governments millions. Take it.

We have travelled across the globe training elite, and not so elite forces in the art of mountain warfare. One of the most difficult skillsets within the military to master.

It was during this time we developed strategies and tactics to be able to get individuals that were not capable, physical or mentally of getting over the mountain, over the mountain. Not only did we develop methods and training to get people who quite frankly were not up to the tasks over terrain that most hardened climbers would avoid, but we did it in austere weather conditions with 90-100lbs+ packs on…at night…with little food…in the rain.


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Real People. Real Results

If we can do this in a country that speaks no English, with an army that doesn’t want to solider, we can definitely help you shift that extra weight you have been carrying about for too long and increase your strength and fitness.

After reading this you know Alpha Monkey can help you become the best version of yourself you have always known you could be, you just have to decide whether you want it or not.

"Great tailored workouts that are fun and engaging. Ben has a lot of experience to share and can work with anyone. Can thoroughly recommend."

James Mainwaring

"Felt amazing after a good workout...ben definitely knows his stuff and can help with many factors within your life not just fitness..what a top bloke....would recomend this to anyone that needs to put some fire back into their lives."

Clint Lee Edwards

"I asked Ben to toughen me up! He helped get me in some of the best shape of my life. His unique combination of experience, humour and motivational charisma will affect change in you. He will take you from where you are carefully, and help you get to a new level. Training with Ben is both a challenge, yet fun. You can laugh and cry in equal measure. you will know are alive. And defintely feel younger. Once you've recovered!"

Nigel Banks