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Group Speed Marches 

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Group Speed Marching

 The speed march is a tactic used by the elite fighting forces to cover large distances as a group. Within any group their is a wide array of fitness standards. This is the same for the military. The Royal Marines and the Parachute Regiment are particular good at this mode of transport.

Moving as a body of men is difficult when you consider the different fitness standards plus the differences in weight individuals may be carrying. For instance, one may be carrying a general purpose machine gun weighing 14kilos with 1000 rounds of ammunition weighing 30 kilos. Compare this to a rifleman carrying an SA80 weighing 5kilos plus 6 magazines weighing 3 kilos.

At the end of a speed march the body of men has to still be capable of entering into, and winning a firefight. 

A speed march accomplishes this by varying the pace between running and walking, usually dependent on the terrain. 

Alpha Monkey uses this technique as a way to build an individual’s endurance and to get the group to locations for circuits etc. It is also a very good way to get beginners covering considerable distances.



1st group session free

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"Great tailored workouts that are fun and engaging. Ben has a lot of experience to share and can work with anyone. Can thoroughly recommend."

James Mainwaring

"Felt amazing after a good workout...ben definitely knows his stuff and can help with many factors within your life not just fitness..what a top bloke....would recomend this to anyone that needs to put some fire back into their lives."

Clint Lee Edwards

"I asked Ben to toughen me up! He helped get me in some of the best shape of my life. His unique combination of experience, humour and motivational charisma will affect change in you. He will take you from where you are carefully, and help you get to a new level. Training with Ben is both a challenge, yet fun. You can laugh and cry in equal measure. you will know are alive. And defintely feel younger. Once you've recovered!"

Nigel Banks